Street Literature: Urban Chronicles

Calvin Brewster Story 1976

                                                                    Series One: Part 1

copyright 2016 Drako Sullivan

Calvin loved living in South Carolina, but Greenville was lacking opportunity for black men to grow. He hated that there was no closer bus stops to his duplex apartment. He dreaded the two-mile walk pass the pimps, prostitutes and dope pushers. He never talked or looked too hard in anyone’s direction and hoped that others did as he did. “Man I gotta beat this rain.” Calvin zipped up his jacket and his stride grew longer.

“Excuse…” said Honey, as she purposely sashayed into Calvin’s path.

“Damn it.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” she spoke in a seductive tone.

“I can’t tell, you pop out of nowhere. What do you want?”

“I just need a light Baby.” Honey’s hand went to her hip, parting her coat and drawing Calvin’s eyes to her mini-skirt and calf high boots.

“I don’t have one.” Calvin said, regaining focus.

“Wait…Wait…” Honey grabbed Calvin’s arm to keep him from noticing Deuce wiry figure snake his way between two park cars and sliding behind him.

“Listen Lady, I really don’t have time for this sh….”

“Muthafucka you gon’ make time.” Deuce said, cocking back his pistol.

Calvin felt cold metal press against the back of his neck.

“Now empty your fuckin pockets and give me that cheap ass watch too.” Deuce aggressively nudged Calvin’s head forward.

“Man…I don’t have anything.”

Through clenched teeth, Deuce commanded. “Empty…your…pockets..nigga.”


“Grab that shit Honey.”

Calvin reached out his new bus pass, watch, wallet, chap stick and keys to his apartment. Honey grabbed the stuff nervously and her unsteady hands caused the wallet to hit the ground.

“Take off the jacket and the pull-over punk.”

“Come, on man.”

“Come, on my ass.”

Calvin felt the metal press harder, enough for him to feel the circular shape of the barrel.


Next week I’ll be off these God forsaken streets. Florida here I come, the rest of my life tanning and getting fatter.

Officer Chase thought while making the last round of his beat. The night had been a quiet one, but most Mondays were. The street business normally didn’t pick up until the middle of the week. There were prostitutes and a few street leaches but not enough for Chase to break out the cuffs.

They need to really get these damn streetlights fix. It is sad how the city doesn’t care about these people. My neighborhood has more streetlights than we need and there is little to no crime. But, on this side of town, crime is sky high but nothing in place to make them feel safe. Well, they do have me, an old fat, divorce and too kind hearted to be a cop in the first place, patrolling for eight hours.

Chase was talking to himself again, another reason that he decided to retire early. Becoming an officer was the worst thing he could have done. Chase turned on to Perry Ave, he spotted one of his favorite hookers. There was no mistaking Honey’s hips from anyone else, she definitely was one of a kind. “What the hell is she doing?” Chase was hoping that this wasn’t what he thought it was.

“Fuck…dispatch, I’m on view of a robbery in progress on the corner of Perry Ave and Academy St. and I am requesting back up.” Chase pulled up next to the curb and wobbled out the car. Without warning or hesitation, Deuce, the guy that had the gun pressed on the back of Calvin’s neck turned and fired wildly in Officer Chase direction. Calvin took off running and Deuce sent a few bullets whistling pass him. Honey broke out in a hysterical cry.

“Damn it, Bitch; stop fuckin yelling and come on.”

Honey was in a trance as she looked at Officer Chase’s whale body slump against his patrol car. A sudden sting from Deuce’s’s backhand brought her back.

“Bring your ass on, Bitch.”


The night sky burst into tears, pouring dime-size drops. Branches whipped Calvin’s arms, chest, and face. He strained his eyes to make it through the darkness. His heart pounded and no matter how fast he ran, the sirens grew closer and closer. Finally making it through the wooded path and on to his street, Calvin began a slow jog, doing his best to catch his breath and calm his nerves. Tires screeched as a police car slammed on brakes and stopped directly in front of Calvin. High beams and the car’s spot light were blinding and he did the best to shield his eyes.

“Put your fucking hands up, Nigger.” said the policeman with his gun aimed for Calvin’s chest. “Now goddamn it!”

Calvin slowly raised his hands above his head. The policeman with his aim steady, walked over to Calvin.

“Down on your knees.”

Fearing for his life Calvin complied.

“Lay face down.”

Once Calvin did what he was told, the policeman pounced all 240 pounds of him, knee first to the back of his neck. Sending excruciating pain through his body.


“You want to shoot cops right. You better pray that Milton don’t die.” the policeman spoke through his teeth.

Calvin felt his ribs crack from the policeman’s vengeful kick.

“This is Officer Miles and I have the suspect in custody.”


The love that Honey had for Deuce was unconditional and there was nothing that she wouldn’t do for him. Now once again she was proving her loyalty to him.

“Miss Willis are you absolutely sure that the man you saw shoot and kill Officer Milton Chase is in this courtroom?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Can you point him out?”

Honey pointed in the direction of the deflated, weathered Calvin Brewster, he was fifty pounds lighter and he looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks. Honey felt sorry for him but it was either him or the love of her life.

“You lying Bitch!”


“Order…order…one more outburst like that Mr. Brewster and I will hold you in contempt of court.”

“But Your Honor, she is lying, the police lying and this system is lying.”

“That is why we are at trial Mr. Brewster, so your peers, the jury can decide that. Please continue Mr. Moore.”

“I have no further questions and the prosecution rests.”

“Defense do you care to cross-exam?”

“The defense rests, Your Honor.”

“What! Your Honor can I speak with my lawyer?”

“Yes Mr. Brewster.”


“What do you mean you rest? She is lying; ask her about the robbery. You haven’t mention that once.”

“It wouldn’t do any good; you will be just wasting time.”

“You never believe me; you are just like the rest of them.”

“The defense rests, Your Honor.”


“Has the jury reached a verdict?”

“We have Your Honor….”

……To Be Continued….