Street Literature: Urban Chronicles (Calvin Brewster)

Series One: Part 2

Copyright 2016 Drako Sullivan


The prosecutor expressed his appreciation and informed Honey that she may be needed if they had a retrial. Honey walked out the courtroom in a hurry and didn’t notice William Crane in pursuit of her. She made it half way down the hall before he caught up to her.

“Excuse me Ma’am.” Startled, Honey snatched her arm from his loose grip. “Ma’am excuse me, my name is William P. Crane and I’m with Greenville Daily News Paper and I’ve been following this story since day one. Do you mind if I ask you a few question?”

“Yes, I mind. I have answered all the questions I’m going to answer.”

“I understand Ma’am, if you change your mind here is my card. I would like to write a closing article with your experience. You will be paid for your time.”

When Honey heard that she would be paid, it made her take his card just in case she needed some extra cash. She stuffed the card in her purse and walked away.




“Hey young Blood, get yo head up. You can’t give up now. It’s not the end of the world.”

Calvin was sitting on the edge of his bunk double-over, his arms rested on his knees and his head hung between his legs. His cell-mate, Buddy Cole, felt pity for Calvin and if no one else believes him, he did. Buddy Cole has been around, done his share of time and seen his share of killers. Calvin didn’t have a killer bone in his body.

“So you just gon give up?” Buddy asked, now standing in front of Calvin to get his attention.

“What I’m pose to do? They found me guilty and now they gonna put me to death.”

Buddy shook his head side to side and couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Man, look-a-here. They can’t put you to death cause they ain’t got no weapon. If it wasn’t for that lying bitch you told me about and that sorry ass public defender they wouldn’t found you guilty.”

Buddy’s last statement got Calvin’s attention and brought some life back into him.

“You believed me?”

“Yeah Young Blood. But it don’t mean shit what I think. You have to get them Crackers to believe your black ass.”

“But I’m guilty now. How can I do that?”

“Damn, you don’t know shit about the law.”

“Man, I ain’t never been in trouble before.”

“Yo ass ain’t never watch Perry Mason?”

“Thats TV.”

“Man, I tell you the truth.” Buddy sat down on his bunk shaking his head and sucking through his teeth. “Listen, you have rights and you can appeal what happened today.”

“How I do that?”

“When you pose to get sentenced?”

“Two weeks from now.”

“Before I put my time into this I gotta know that you’re willing to fight and that you will never give up no matter what happens. You have to fight for you! If you don’t no one will! So do you promise to fight for your life?”

“I promise.”



“Bitch, didn’t I tell you that we had a job to do…What took you so fuckin long?!”

Honey rubbed the side of her face and flinched when Duece raised his hand threaten with another slap.

“I’m sorry Daddy.” Honey pleaded.

“Yo ass bet not be turning tricks again!”

“I ain’t, I promise. I just had to walk from the court house.”

“They lock that nigga up?”


“When you gon get the reward money then?”

“It will be here in two weeks.”

“Good, hurry up and change, Junebug be here in a minute.”


“Man, you sho they still got money in the back of this joint?” Duece asked, looking at the customers walk in and out Hank’s party shop.

“Yea Nigga, I stocked liquor for three years for that greedy cracker.” Junebug said.

“I just want to be sho.”

“I’m sho, he go to the bank once a month. Right now is the best time cause he ‘pose to go Monday.”

“Thats wassup. Honey you know what to do right?” Duece asked, without taking his eyes off the store.

“Yea Daddy, don’t move from this spot and keep the car running.”

“Thats it Momma. You ready Bug?”

“Hell yea!”


Honey was so busy looking in the rearview she didn’t see the policeman walk up. The young black officer tapped on the window to get Honey’s attention. Her heart sunk like an anchor and it took everything in her to remain calm. She rolled down the window.

“Yes Sweetie?”

“You a’ight Ma’am?”

“Yes, just checking my make-up. I’m waiting on my brother to come out the liquor store.”

“Well, Miss you can’t park in front of this fire-hydrant. You need to pull…”

The officer’s walkie-talkie interrupted his sentence and Honey couldn’t believe her ears. ‘Attention all cars there is a robbery in progress at Hank’s party shop located on Pendleton and Academy.’

“This Officer Neely and I’m on location and I’m requesting back-up.”

Honey put the car in drive and drove off slow never looking back.


Calvin Brewster – Part 1