Three Creative Writing Tips and Ideas


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Three Creative Writing Tips and Ideas

By Sabrina with special thanks to @TheAbeng #TheAbeng
copyright 2016

Before you begin to write, three things to consider are:

I.) How To Choose and Create A Topic: Your topic, or subject is what you are writing about. When you decide on a topic or subject, it is important to narrow a broad idea and to find and focus on an angle that interest you. Here are some questions to ask yourself that may help you.

*What special or first-hand knowledge do I have about this topic or subject?
*How do the sub-topics relate to me? How are they relevant?
*What aspect of the topic or subject affect me most deeply? Which are the parts that move me?

II.) Writing For An Audience: Your audience is your intended reader. It is important to identify a specific audience and adopt your tone and vocabulary that will more readily connect with them. Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you define and establish your audience.

*Who will most likely read my writing?
*What does my audience know about my topic or subject?
*What information will my audience most likely want or expect to gain?
*Will formal or informal language be more effective in reaching this audience?
*How should I adjust my vocabulary to appeal to my audience?
*What tone should I use to best connect with my audience?

III.) Writing With Purpose: Your purpose is the reason you are writing about the specific topic or subject. You can have more than one purpose (example: a general purpose and a specific purpose; to entertain and to instruct). When defining your purpose, ask yourself:

*What are my overall goals in writing on this subject? What am I trying to achieve?
*Am I writing to entertain?
*Am I writing to persuade?… Do I intend to convince my reader my viewpoint/perspective is the correct one?
*Am I writing to inform or am I writing to instruct my readers?


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