Four Methods To Help Writers Get Started

Four Methods To Help Writers Get Started
By Sabrina copyright 2016
Special Thank to @TheAbeng #TheAbeng

Exploring and Mapping Potential Topics/Subjects

Here are four writing strategies for you to use to help you get started, exploring and mapping out potential topic/subject.

1.) Free writing: Try to write freely without stopping for a set period of time with the goal of writing the first thought that comes to mind. If you get stuck don’t stop, just push yourself and fill in with phrases like “mmm”, “then what”, “blah-blah”, or “what else”. Don’t be bothered with your grammar, punctuation or spelling for now. Let your ideas flow freely.

2.) Brainstorming: Like free writing only now you can take your time to stop and think as you create a list of your ideas. As you think about a topic or subject, write down words or phases that come to mind. Don’t spend time worrying about your spelling or grammar. You can proof read later when you finish.

3.) Clustering: Write a topic word or phase in the middle of your paper and circle it. Then write another word or idea related to the topic word or phrase. Continue and then look for patterns to see where the ideas seem to be leading you.

4.) Questioning: Think about your topic or subject as a news story and ask yourself those journalistic questions: who? what? when? where? why? and how? or what is involved? Where did something happen? Why and how did the situation change?


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