Urban Street Literature Chronicles (Calvin Brewster)

Series One: Part 3
Copyright 2016 Drako Sullivan

William P. Crane was sitting in his cubical going over his most recent report about the West End’s crime rate when his phone interrupted his thoughts.
“You the guy that wrote ’bout the pig that got smoke eight months ago?” asked a raspy voice.
“Yes, I’m the one.” William said, hesitantly.
“They got the wrong man.”
“He didn’t kill ’em!”
“How do you know? Who is this speaking?… Hello…Hello…”
A dial tone was all that William heard on the other end. He couldn’t understand why this person called him and not the police. How did this person know that he was following this case closely. He wasn’t the only reporter that reported on this story. Hell, it had been over twenty-five years since an officer was kilt in the line of duty in Greenville. William’s mind was trying to dig through all the possibilities.
“Crane…Crane!!” Chief Editor Parker yelled to get William’s attention.
“Yes Boss.”
“What in the hell has gotten into you?”
“I just…”
“Never mind that, get off your ass and get over to Hank’s Party Shop. They just got stuck up.”
“I’m on it Boss.” William said, grabbing his camera, pad and pen, and mini recorder. He put on his fedora and bolted pass Parker.
“FREEZE!!” Officer Neely yelled, once he seen the two mask men exit the liquor store Deuce’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he seen the police and Honey driving out of the parking lot.
“Drop your…” was all that Officer Neely manger to say before Deuce squeezed the trigger sending three shots directly at him. One caught him dead center of his chest; knocking him flat on his back. Deuce and Junebug took off running in the other direction with brown paper bags tightly gripped in their fist.
“How yo bitch gon leave us like that?” Junebug yelled out as they ran beside the liquor store.
“That bitch is gon get hers, believe that!? Deuce replied. Sounds of sirens grew louder as they ran across Perry Ave. into Mountain View Homes Apartments.
“This way Bug!” Deuce said, panicky.
“Damn, you know this shit man…why haven’t you got yo’self out of here?” Calvin asked, amazed how Buddy Cole made the law so simple for him.
“Hell Youngblood, my ass is guilty that’s why. I got caught with the cookie crumbs around my mouth.” Buddy Cole said, laughing at his own joke. “I was built fo this shit tho. But you, you don’t deserve this.”
“You damn right I don’t.”
“That is why I’ma get yo black ass out this horse shit you got yo’self in.”
“So whats this we writing again?”
“This is a motion, its the only thing the courts and judges respect.”
“So this a appeal right.”
“Thats what we working on, but you will be sentenced before they get this. I can’t believe that PD didn’t file a motion of discovery.”
“A motion of what?” Calvin asked, confused?
“Man, anytime you go to trial, especially for murder, you got to see what all they got to burn yo ass with and who is there to rat you out. I bet a million bucks to a hog nut that they ain’t got shit on you.”
“Damn Bro, how I’ma pay you back?”
“Go home and make something out of yo’self.”
Honey drove as calm as she could but her hands were sweating, heart pounding. Beads of sweat was forming on her nose and she was more nervous than a preacher in a hoe-house. The patrol car pulled up behind her as soon as she turned on to Queen St. leaving Mountain View Homes apartments. She knew that there wasn’t any room for any mistakes or suspicious moves. Her mind was racing 100 mph. ‘What if he do pull me over?….Do they know I was in on the robbery?’ She thought, turning her signal light on to turn right onto Gower St.. The patrol car sped up and pulled right beside her. Her heart dropped to her feet. The officer glanced over at Honey and made a left turn onto Gower St..


Calvin Brewster: Part II


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