Urban Street Literature Chronicles (Calvin Brewster)

Series One: Part 4
Copyright 2017 Drako Sullivan

“All Rise. This court is now in session. Now presiding is the Honorable Judge Henry B. Middleton.” said the bailiff as the bridle, razor thin judge entered from his chambers. His cheekbones high, his jaws sunk in and his skin was badly wrinkle. His appearance looked closer to death than life. He peered over his half-moon-frame glasses and spoke, “You may be seated.” He looked over at Calvin with disgust.
“Your Honor, Mr. Brewster informed me that he would like to address the court.” Mr. Portman spoke hesitantly as he stood next to a seated Calvin. One of his hands was in his pocket fumbling with the loose coins. Something that he done when he was nervous.
“Is this so Mr. Brewster?” the Judge asked firmly.
“Yes…yes Sir, your Honor.” Calvin said, raising to his feet. His mind was in over-drive as he tried to replay everything that him and Buddy Cole rehearsed over the last two weeks. Last night Buddy kept Calvin up until 2 a.m. drilling him on with to say.
“Well…are you going to say what you have to say or stand there and waste more of my time?” Judge Middleton spoke impatiently.
“No Sir, I…I.. mean yes Sir..Your Honor. I want to first request that my attorney be removed from my case.” Calvin felt his nerves coming back to him. He knew that his life depended on his every move from this moment on.
“Why are you requesting this now?” Judge Middleton removed his glasses and gave Calvin a cold stare.
“Your Honor, with all due respect, this is a delicate matter.” Calvin spoke with more confidence this time.
“Are you asking that I clear my courtroom?” asked Judge Middleton sitting back in his chair and folding his arms.
“Yes Your Honor.” Calvin was realizing that everything that Buddy Cole had told him about was coming to be and things was exactly the way that he said they would be.
“Hmm…Alright, I want everyone to leave except security and court personnel.”
For the first time William P. Crane believe what he was able to discover from his own independent investigation. He didn’t know what to make of the strange call he got right after Calvin’s trial. Later the same caller called back and agreed to meet for coffee, but only if was a county over from Greenville.
Turn out, that caller was a dispatch officer and she didn’t want to risk losing her job. She told William Crane about Officer Chase request for backup and how she was instructed not to mention it to anyone, if she knew what was best for her.
William Crane paced back and forth outside the courtroom door. He hated not knowing what was going on inside. He wished that he could have done something earlier before it got this far along.
“Now Mr. Brewster, you have my attention and you better make this good.” said Judge Middleton, leaning forward and pointing his boney finger at Calvin.
“Your Honor, I want to fire my lawyer due to ineffective assistance of counsel. He didn’t have my best interest in this case and he lack due diligence in the whole matter. I wanted to testify on my behalf and he said that it wouldn’t do any good.”
“Is there any truth to this Mr. Portman?”
“Your Honor, I just felt that it would hurt the case more if he testified.” Mr. Portman’s voice cracked as he spoke.
“Really, well, the justice system in not based on your feelings Mr. Portman; it is based on the law. Do you still wish to take the stand Mr. Brewster?”
“Yes Sir Your Honor but I would also like to bring to the court’s attention that my Constitutional Rights has been violated. I feel that I haven’t been given the due process of the law.”
Mr. Brewster, you will be sworn in to take the stand. By doing so the Court will reopen your case. I must also inform you that you are subject to cross-examination by the District Attorney. Do you understand?”
“Yes Sir Your Honor.”
“In doing so, those questions and your answers may be incriminating to you. Do you understand?”
“Yes Sir Your Honor. I just want a chance to defend myself.” Calvin spoke with confidence and was ready to continue the lesson that he had gotten from Buddy Cole.
“Alright Mr. Brewster, you may take the stand.” Judge Middleton put his glasses back on and leaned back to watch Calvin be sworn in.
Calvin sat down and he looked across the courtroom, the lights seem brighter and sweat formed on his forehead and nose. Every pair of eyes was on him. He was caught up and he just stared off into nowhere.
“Mr. Brewster are you going to speak?” asked Judge Middleton showing his irritation.
“Ammm…Yes…Yes Sir Your Honor. I want the court to know that I am not guilty, in fact I was a victim of a crime as well. Mr. Portman ignored my claims of defense, he fail to request a motion of discovery. He didn’t push for a preliminary hearing and he illegitimately advised me not to testify. Had he took his oath seriously and not convicted me as well the moment that he saw me. The court would have known that there was no physical evidence. He didn’t cross-examine any of the state witnesses as if he was defending me but it seem that he was helping the state. Had he investigate he would have known and made it aware to the court that right before Officer Chase was gun down he requested back up to assist him with a robbery in progress.”
“Do you have any proof or evidence to what you are saying Mr. Brewster?” Judge Middleton interlocked his hands and rested on his forearms after he asked the question.
“Yes Sir, I have witnesses that are willing to testify. They will tell you that…”
“Your Honor objection, Mr. Brewster is speaking on hearsay.”
“Over ruled counselor! Had you and Mr. Portman would have done your jobs we wouldn’t be in this situation now. Mr. Brewster has a right to a fair trial. A fair trial!” Judge Middleton scold. Everyone in the courtroom was shocked and in awe because of his tone of voice.
“Are your witnesses here now Mr. Brewster?”
“Yes Sir Your Honor, they should still be out there with everyone else that you asked to step out.”
“Who are they?”
“Mr. William P. Crane, a reporter from the newspaper and a young lady that works for dispatch, Ms. Yvette Thompkins.”
“Bailiff, see if they are still out there.”
The husky bailiff hustled his way out the courtroom and everyone in the hallway turned to his direction when he opened the huge double oak doors.
“Is there a Mr. Crane out here.”
“Yes, right here.”
“What about a Ms. Yvette Thompkins.”
“Here Sir.”
“The Judge has request you two.” the bailiff held the door open and allowed them to walk into the courtroom.
“Are you two willing to testify under oath to the claims that Mr. Brewster has made?”
“Yes Sir Your Honor. I should have said something a long time ago and I apologize for not doing so.” Ms. Thompkins said.
“Yes I am also Your Honor.” said Mr. Crane.
“Bailiff please escort the jurors in.”
“Your Honor, may I approach the bench? asked the District Attorney.
“No you may not, you just hope that you have your evidence together. Have a seat.” said Judge Middleton as he watch the jurors come back in the courtroom. “Due to new found evidence this court has awarded a new trial. So I wanted to inform you that you all are relieved of your jury duties. Thank you, you may go.” Judge Middleton gave enough time for the Jurors to leave before he spoke again. “Mr. Brewster, you still have the right to a trial by jury and we can postpone this so you can have time to select your jury. Or you can elect for me to be your judge and jury.”
“Your Honor, I wouldn’t want to waste any more time and I am comfortable with proceeding with you judging on this.”
After hearing the testimonies Judge Middleton became furious with the way that the case was handled. There was no physical evidence and after four hours of recess the prosecution was unable to track down their star witness in the case. Judge Middleton ordered that Calvin Brewster was to be released immediately.
Two Weeks Later
It didn’t take Honey long to realize the knocks that she was hearing was that of the police. No one else that she knew would be knocking that way at 7:00 am. Before she could get out of bed, Deuce was on his feet with his gun in hand.
“Open up before we kick this door down!” yelled one detective as his knuckle ripped at the door.
“Deuce, no, they will kill us,” Honey grabbed Deuce by the arm and whisper to him. “Just hide in the attic and I will tell them that I’m alone.”
Through clench teeth. “You think that-a-fly.”
“I’ll make it work. You just make sure that you bond me out.” said Honey making her way to the front door.
“This is your last chance!”
“Wait-a-damn minute.” Honey yelled out. She allowed her house-coat to stay open revealing her flawless body with only panties to cover her. “How may I help you officer?” Honey asked with the chain still latched to the door.
“Open up!” demanded the detective.
Honey complied and stepped back from the door and caught the two detectives off guard, they stopped in their tracks long enough to get an eye-full of Honey’s gorgeous body.
“Tie that close, turn around and put your hands behind your back.” said the tallest of the two detectives.
“Where is your boyfriend?” probe the other overweight detective.
“At his momma house I guess.”
“Where she lives?”
“14 Endel St.”
“If you know what is best for you, you better not be lying.” warned the tall detective leading Honey out of the house. “Miss Willis you’re under arrest for perjury, accessory to the murder of Officer Milton Chase, accessory to arm robbery, and accessory to battery by weapon with the intent to kill. You have the right to remain…..”

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