Question Mark

By Michael Harris

copyright 2017

The day has come where the love has faded

the heart has or is starting to become jaded

So many questions come cross the mind

Like if it was true from the start

where did we lose that spark?

Now it is to the point where we can’t stand the sight of one another

but didn’t the bible say “What God brings together let no man put asunder”?

Things may change

at times we both may lose our way

but remember that if the good outweighs the bad

then that is the love worth fighting for.

But if you are the only one trying

then it’s time to find a deeper connection with God

so that He may send you the Right one

when your heart is ready to receive that love in full.

As The Past Haunts

As The Past Haunts

Michael Harris

copyright @2017


As I sit and reminisce

on the days of old

where my soul wanted to remain cold

and how just one thought of you eased the pain

I wonder if it was me that was hell bent on self destruction

even when things were on the up swing

I allow my future to be by my past, drained

Drained of hope, happiness, and you.

Though in all the wrong things I tried

and still try to fill a void that only you fill.

Tried to find you in others

yet once again nothing could compare

and through all the affairs after you and me

it seemed like nothing nor anyone could compare

to the bond that we once shared

Yes my heart weeps because you have found others

yet it won’t allow me to go any further;

“Damn! What am I to do?”

Loving A Convict

Loving A Convict

Loving A Convict

Copyright 2017

Written By: Andre Scales

Loving a convict is so hard they say,
Loving him is the price you have to pay,
It’s loving him with no one to hold,
It’s being young and feeling old.
It’s letting him whisper his love to you,
And your whispering back that you love him too.
Then comes a kiss and a promise to wait,
Knowing the parole board holds his fate.
It’s extremely painful letting him go
while dying inside from needing him so.
Watching him leave with eyes full of tears,
Standing alone with his hopes, dreams, and fears
although you’re near, but so far away,
his love for you grows with each passing day,
Loving a convict isn’t much fun,
but it’s worth the wait when his time is done
Remember he’s lonely and sad from being away
and he’s thinking of you every single day,
So love him, miss him and please tell him so
because if you really love him, he desperately needs to know….



copyright 2017

By Michael Harris

Yes I want you just as bad as you want me too
but first it is my mind and soul u must seduce
I want to know your truths
entice me with your intellect
while my truth keeps your soul wet
let my present power leave no room for doubt or regret
and these hands that are built to protect
still be soft yet strong enough to forever have your heart caressed….
Entice my mind and soul with your whole center
so in my heart’s space no one else can enter.