As The Past Haunts

As The Past Haunts

Michael Harris

copyright @2017


As I sit and reminisce

on the days of old

where my soul wanted to remain cold

and how just one thought of you eased the pain

I wonder if it was me that was hell bent on self destruction

even when things were on the up swing

I allow my future to be by my past, drained

Drained of hope, happiness, and you.

Though in all the wrong things I tried

and still try to fill a void that only you fill.

Tried to find you in others

yet once again nothing could compare

and through all the affairs after you and me

it seemed like nothing nor anyone could compare

to the bond that we once shared

Yes my heart weeps because you have found others

yet it won’t allow me to go any further;

“Damn! What am I to do?”


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