By Derek Covington

Copyright 2017


As my tongue trace the contours of your

devine creation

Ooh, as my delightful senses taste the juices

of your arcane sensation

There…..the chills race down my spine, as I

devour layers of your sculpted mounds

Deeper and deeper I delve into your succulent

creamy pounds

Oh lord, my heart beats faster and faster…

a distant drum

My, my, my, I cry out, see there – here I


Vanilla, chocolate, and so many other troves of

flavors to your pleasure

The coolness of your respite leaves me feeling

like a kid in search of a long lost pirate’s treasure

Dip after dip, the sway of your curves make

my mind want to scream

Is not your depths ripe to the core, or is that

why you’re called ice cream.


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