The Case

The Case

By: Ramsey Blair

Copyright 2017

Crime Scene

The case of a crime…
for someone trying to shine…
remember holding you and smoking weed when I had a dime…
you change my life daily when I was trying to grind.
You gave me reason to sacrifice for what’s right,
because you lived a life of wealth and care.
When I lived a life full of pain and lies.
With the scent of weed on me I held you when you cried,
until you went to sleep.
Cousin, it’s been a minute since you been away from me…
at night I can’t sleep reliving the scene of what happened,
because you’re part of me.
I’m full of rage, because you’re away from me.
Tears on my cheeks; the pain hurts like Nicki leaving Meek.
Darkness and anger surround me…
When it happen it hunted me.
You will be missed by everyone who love you,
including me.


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