A Reminiscent Heart

A Reminiscent Heart
A poem by:
Michael Harris a.k.a Truthfully Speaking
Copyright 2017

Faded love


Sitting here reminiscing
On your ever so sweet touch
And the way it used to bring so much peace
To my mental storms
Regretting to have ever spoken
Those words “I apologize”
But it might be best if we
Go our separate ways
Cause often I find myself wondering
If that was the right move
Cause my spirit gets so heavy
Knowing that you are no longer
Within arm’s reach
I’m tired of thinking
Of the future us
Trusting in God’s will as one you and I
Yet knowing, you at my side no longer lie
And what we once shared is a distant memory
To have you in my embrace once more
Is my heart’s desire
To show u for eternity
That you are the only one I adore
Is what I long for
But that reality is now just wishful thinking


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