A Shattered Man


A Shattered Man
by Hashim R. Morris
copyright 2017


Even though our joy and happiness is elicited from

within. It seems to become more fulfilling when

inspired by a lover or friend!


Broken pieces of colored glass is what makes

up picturesque depiction seen in grand cathedrals during

Sunday Mass. Was it not the constant hammering on

a block of marble that resulted in the statue of David

that the world now marvel?


A diamond during its initial find is crud and rough and

must be cut and buffed before producing its brilliant



A block of clay must be beaten and molded into place to

create a valuable and treasured vase.


Grapes must be stomped upon and trampled under feet, then

stored in vast for years at a time before acquiring that resplendid

taste, befitting to be considered a connoisseurs wine!


No doubt in my present life

situation, I too can be looked

upon as a shattered man. But

like the Phoenix from its own

ashes, I too shall rise again!!


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