The K.E.Y

The K.E.Y (Knowledge-Enlightens-Youth)
By Hashim R. Morris
Copyright 2017


How can we unlock our similarities,

in the midst of such disparities?

I sure would treasure that buried key.

If it had to be stolen, I’ll be a zealous thief.

Or would you empathize, if I went inside the

belly of the beast, and saw it lying with a bright

shine, and yellow as can be?

Or will you be satisfied with rebellion over peace?

I’ll give my life and won’t think twice,

no wants of mourns on rest and peace.

And I’ll do an eon locked down in neon, with no yearns

of being set free!…

What’s so special about that key?  “You see”,

No people are a chosen one, besides those who

choose to over come.

Is a plant more prevalent than the ground its growing from?

What good would a color be, if out it, not more could come?

Knowledge is like a morsel crumb that feed

thousands with no income.

To illuminate with shine those who’s shun, would brighten the

future of ones whose young. (Knowledge Enlightens Youth)


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