Ms. Natural

Ms. Natural
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017

Natural Woman
Photo credit: Kreative Minds Enterprises, Inc.


Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


From your kinky hair, full lips, wide hips and

thick thighs; I’m mesmerized. It is no surprise

that your scent has my senses paralyzed.

I’m captivated looking into your eyes. Your

smile glows and touches my soul…


…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


You don’t need hair like Europeans, eyes lashes,

or nails done by Asians. You are proud to be

Nubian. You refuse shots and silicone to

enhance the flesh that on your bones. You are

comfortable with your curves and tantalizing

skin tone…


…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


You step and sway in such an elegant way, it

really brighten my day. Its amazing how your

beauty sparkle and gleam. You are a Queen and

any man would be proud to be your King…


…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


Yes, you are strong, independent and intelligent.

But some may say that you are bougie and

arrogant. In all actuality you are classy and



…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


Every word speaks the truth about you and this

is far beyond a compliment. Its me paying homage,

giving you the upmost respect. Not that you want it

but because you deserve it.


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