Dear Londyn,

You are my first grandchild and it will be years before you are able to read these words; and more years will pass before you are able to understand the significance of this letter. Right now we share so many things in common that many wouldn’t give a second thought to. You were brought into a world that I had hoped that would be full of peace and harmony. But that is only in fantasies. The reality is we are faced with many uncertainties.  Right now you still have your innocence and I am trying to regain mine. I don’t know what to expect and you don’t have a clue, your world is still pure. We are bonded by blood and share a love that is completely unconditional. With that being said, this is my promise to you, to give you love that is unquestionable or deniable. I promise to teach more than I preach. I will do all I can to help give you the tools you will need to make it in this cruel world. I promise that you will always receive the truth from me. I promise to be an example for you to follow, but I will encourage you to find your own style. I promise to be supportive in every way. I promise to always be around for as long as the Lord allow. With the birth of your life, I have been given a second chance to make things right. So, I promise, to you, not to make the same mistake twice.




*This is a message from Drako Sullivan written for his first grandchild, Londyn. She is now 1 year old.


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