Somebody Lying

Somebody Lying
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017

Firework Flag

I don’t know who is the blame…

Maybe Constantine or King James

but it’s impossible for me to believe

all this devilment was done in Jesus’s name.

I was told that this is a

God fearing land.

I believe this until I started

asking questions.

With constant contradictions

they exposed their hand.

That is when I began seeing that…

Somebody lying.

With small pox they wiped out a

nation of natives and to this day

they’re barely existing. Now they

want me to celebrate Thanks Giving.

I am still confused, and trying to determine

the connection between Christ, Santa and

all this frivolous spending.

Excuse me for laughing but this is funny…

Why is the resurrection represented by the

Easter Bunny?

In 1776 my ancestors were being captured

and committed to slavery. And now they want

me to celebrate independence.

It is hard for me to rejoice and sing knowing

while America’s freedom was gain my people

were still in chains.

So they can keep the dreams they are selling,

I ain’t buying because I know that somebody



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