A Father’s Dream


A Father’s Dream
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017

I heard the echoes of heart beats
and felt the presence of the unseen.
Voices calling out to me, sometimes
the voices are loud and clear.
Other times they’re distant and weak.

I close my eyes to search for images that are
in the shadows of my dreams.
I have prayed and prayed to one day have
children to carry on my name.

Their eyes, their nose, their lips and
even their built is just like my own.
Sons and daughters for me to love and
teach. Preparing them to deal with the
whims that this cruel world brings.

Equipping them with the tools of honesty,
integrity, and self-respect so they can craft
a life of righteousness and self-dignity

Giving them wisdom so they will know
strength starts mentally. Encourage them
to dream big and live up to their full
potential to be the very best they can be.

A father’s dream… sons and daughters
both a better version of me!


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