ABOUT Beneath The Surface Publishing

Beneath The Surface Publishing presents the BTS Blog, the evolution of urban fiction. We are committed to introducing the world to urban authors from overlooked situations by creating a platform so their voices are heard. Our writers express their thoughts through urban poetry, essay, short stories and other forms of urban literature. There is power in words and liberation in expression. Beneath The Surface is a portal that connects urban writers with the world at large.


Knowing that knowledge is essential to survival in life, street knowledge is essential to survival in street life.


Realizing the need for exposure for the urban author (and urban literature), Beneath The Surface Publishing was created and established in 2015 to deliver quality urban fiction and poetry. Since our motto is “the evolution of urban fiction” We encourage our writers to express their idea and views on the many issues that surround us, but from an urban perspective.


Our mission is to inform and entertain our readers through various forms of commentary, urban poetry and urban short stories.


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