Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?…
By Derek Covington and Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017


Can you see me?…Of course you can.

No, not the clothes I wear, or where I stand.

An innocent bird beating its wing against the cage;

another lost soul, engulfed by rage.

Trying to walk in the path of the light; shining from the Son.

Caught up in a web; so diabolically spun.

Like a wild animal that fears the capture.

Again and again our balance inspired by His rapture.

Let the dead bury the dead, Ol Cool Breeze.

Come Ol-man, get off your square; stand in my 360-degrees.

The echoes of Willie Lynch whispering off cypress tree.

And they said it is a war on drugs; only upon the likes of me.

Can you see me?…Of course you can.

Yes, I am a victim of a clandestine plan.

A chained lion; his opaque eyes staring beyond its cage.

Confine only by hatred and rage.

Marching stride for stride, my journey just begun.

Fighting against a beast, refusing to be out done.

After years of suffering and constant struggling I endure.

Motivated only by a will that is innocent and pure.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, for those who believe.

I persevere to prevail and through salvation I succeed.

Haunted by images; my ancestors hanging from trees.

The world has to notice the act of genocide to rid the likes of me.




Publishers Note:

This was written by Derek and Drako while they were being unjustly housed in the SHU at F.C.I Edgefield. BTS commend them on their strength and ability to remain focused.  To all dealing with the plague of mass incarceration, inside or out, stay strong and keep your head up!

Free Nation Part III

Free Nation Part III
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017


Free Nation sentenced me to 262,

I can’t lie, I return to the county jail

discombobulated and confused.

An old man sat me down and said,

“Young Blood 18 plus is what you have to do.”

I didn’t want to believe or conceive doing that

much time in U.S. Penitentiaries.


After two decades, my baby-girl grew up and my

granny passed away. Can you imagine the pain I

felt? No, I don’t blame the system, I blame myself.

But how can we be a free nation when I get more

time for drugs than a white man charge with child



Free Nation?…You define.


Free Nation Part II

Free Nation Part I



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Loving A Convict

Loving A Convict

Loving A Convict

Copyright 2017

Written By: Andre Scales

Loving a convict is so hard they say,
Loving him is the price you have to pay,
It’s loving him with no one to hold,
It’s being young and feeling old.
It’s letting him whisper his love to you,
And your whispering back that you love him too.
Then comes a kiss and a promise to wait,
Knowing the parole board holds his fate.
It’s extremely painful letting him go
while dying inside from needing him so.
Watching him leave with eyes full of tears,
Standing alone with his hopes, dreams, and fears
although you’re near, but so far away,
his love for you grows with each passing day,
Loving a convict isn’t much fun,
but it’s worth the wait when his time is done
Remember he’s lonely and sad from being away
and he’s thinking of you every single day,
So love him, miss him and please tell him so
because if you really love him, he desperately needs to know….

Free Nation

Free Nation????

Drako Sullivan

Free nation…plague with mass incarceration!

Look between the lines and read the print that is fine, peep the design
and you will see that the penal system is made for a certain kind.

Sorry to say, but if you are poor and white your behind is black as mines.

They go light on white collar crimes, but what about mines? Its non-violent,
victimless and I didn’t steal a dime.

I just got caught with three twenties, two nickels bags and one nine and I’ve been
in the system since 1999….

…Free nation???  Humph…….
…You define!

The American Dream


The American Dream
by Drako Sullivan
copyright 2017

For years I was bonded, in chains, trapped by ignorance and exploitation, branded with whips, beaten and hung by my neck. I was told that three-fifths of a man was the most I could be. I was stripped of my culture, pride and dignity; all in the pursuit of the American Dream.

The storm was calm and I was set free; so it seems. But the hate and discrimination increased. I was attacked when I came in peace. I still found a different way to fight; thru boycotts and marching for my civil rights. My churches were bombed by men covered in sheets. Worst of all, I witness the assassination of a KING. All in the pursuit of the American Dream.

WOW!… There might be a chance, a pinch of hope or a dash of opportunity. The people elected a man to lead, and he looks like me. But now his presidency has come to an end and that hope is fading into the sea. Uncertain of tomorrow and what it may bring in the pursuit of the American Dream.

WAIT!… Our President Elect comes with claims of making America great…AGAIN. What does he mean???? Will I have to relive the journey in the pursuit of the American Dream?