The Great Race


The Great Race
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017

The race begin in mid-winter.
There were 500 million participants,
by it guaranteed one winner.

Through all the anticipation,
the world remain patient.
For over nine months they waited,
but became overly curious of
to whom would be victorious.

Finally… near summer’s end,
the last leg of the race and the
leader is on his way in.

Cheers came from my family and friends.
My head was up high as  I crossed the finish line.
A joyful moment it was,
but all I did was cried and whined…


…An explanation of this brief illustration.
It was early November when my mom and
dad had relations.

There were 500 million sperm cells released
upon my father’s ejaculation…
they all had the same destination.

As guaranteed only one can begin
the process of fertilization.

In thus, I was born to win.
I won then and I shall win again.

A Father’s Dream


A Father’s Dream
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017

I heard the echoes of heart beats
and felt the presence of the unseen.
Voices calling out to me, sometimes
the voices are loud and clear.
Other times they’re distant and weak.

I close my eyes to search for images that are
in the shadows of my dreams.
I have prayed and prayed to one day have
children to carry on my name.

Their eyes, their nose, their lips and
even their built is just like my own.
Sons and daughters for me to love and
teach. Preparing them to deal with the
whims that this cruel world brings.

Equipping them with the tools of honesty,
integrity, and self-respect so they can craft
a life of righteousness and self-dignity

Giving them wisdom so they will know
strength starts mentally. Encourage them
to dream big and live up to their full
potential to be the very best they can be.

A father’s dream… sons and daughters
both a better version of me!

A moment to share and to show my appreciation.

When I was working on this haiku, I couldn’t help but think of a good friend of mine, Kaie. He was the one who spent time trying to teach me how to write fix form poetry, well, poetry period. I remember the first poem that I shared with him and his response was and I quote, “What is this, a riddle?” I couldn’t help but to laugh. He said in such a constructive way that it encouraged me to go back to the drawing board. The advice that he gave me was to try to work on my imagery. Paint a picture. Poetry express feelings and emotions. Now I try to invoke feeling and emotions in each poem that I write. I am still working on the craft of writing and it is out of the love that I have for words. Along with the respect that I have for the power of words. I hope that my efforts are correct with writing this haiku, if not, I am sure that I will hear from Kaie. So I would like to share with you, “A Robin’s Nest” and I hope that you are able to take time out to give me feedback on this poem. All that I know about writing is self-taught or it came from what good friends like Kaie Omodele and Jorge Landrian who took time out to teach me. If you feel that something is not right with it or if the syllable count is off please share. I am looking forward to your advice and constructive criticism. Thanks in advance.


A Robin’s Nest (Haiku)
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017


A Robin’s nest tight.

Fierce winds destroy twig by twig.

Robin’s nest broken.


Writing this poem, I was thinking about how single mother’s fight to keep their home together and do all they can to provide for their little ones. But, somehow this cruel world find some way to break that home. I can only imagine the pain and the stress that a single mother has to endure. I feel your struggle and I encourage all single mothers to keep up their hard work because it is your effort that make this world a better place and inspire men like me to do better and be better. I love you all! So keep doing what you are doing, especially you, Momma……I love you!



Somebody Lying

Somebody Lying
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017

Firework Flag

I don’t know who is the blame…

Maybe Constantine or King James

but it’s impossible for me to believe

all this devilment was done in Jesus’s name.

I was told that this is a

God fearing land.

I believe this until I started

asking questions.

With constant contradictions

they exposed their hand.

That is when I began seeing that…

Somebody lying.

With small pox they wiped out a

nation of natives and to this day

they’re barely existing. Now they

want me to celebrate Thanks Giving.

I am still confused, and trying to determine

the connection between Christ, Santa and

all this frivolous spending.

Excuse me for laughing but this is funny…

Why is the resurrection represented by the

Easter Bunny?

In 1776 my ancestors were being captured

and committed to slavery. And now they want

me to celebrate independence.

It is hard for me to rejoice and sing knowing

while America’s freedom was gain my people

were still in chains.

So they can keep the dreams they are selling,

I ain’t buying because I know that somebody


This Is Why I Write

This Is Why I Write

By Drako Sullivan

Copyright 2017



This is why I write; you see, the pen is my medicine, and writing is my therapy.

It is the wind beneath my wings; strong enough to set me free.

With one stroke, I can travel the globe and with two strokes I can hear stories untold.

Writing has done miracles to reveal with my third eye holds.

With it I can express my pains or rejoice my happiness.

I can note my deepest regrets or record my greatest accomplishments.

I can speak my peace or convey my sincere apologies.

It has done wonders for me!

The pen is my medicine and writing is my therapy!


by Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017


Police why do you patrol
my neighborhood streets?
Yes…yes, I know you suppose
to serve and protect!
But your service comes with
bullet holes and stitches!
And how can you protect when
you’re the biggest threat?!
Don’t you see; its your racial
profiling and senseless brutalities
that makes it hard for the likes of me
to trust the police! We still have
nightmares of Rodney King!
Not to mention the life taking
situations, you know the murders
that were claim to be done with
justification! What is wrong… you
look perplexed! Maybe this will help;
here my evidence… As of yet, 2017
four-hundred-twenty-one dead! And
none by accident! How can we forget,
2015, when you went on a killing spree!
Killing a black man nearly two times a week!
SHUT UP! I didn’t ask you to speak!
You can’t explain how 37% of the unarmed
you slain were black, isn’t odd because we
only make up 13% of the U.S. population!
Oh…let me guess… you had justification!

Rest in Peace to: Philando Castile, Terence Crutcher, Samuel DuBose, Manuel Loggins Jr, Ronald Madison, Kendra James, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Amadou Diallo, Sandra bland, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Keith Lamont Scott, Paul O’Neal, Christian Taylor, Tamir Rice, and those unknown.


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Ms. Natural

Ms. Natural
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017

Natural Woman
Photo credit: Kreative Minds Enterprises, Inc.


Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


From your kinky hair, full lips, wide hips and

thick thighs; I’m mesmerized. It is no surprise

that your scent has my senses paralyzed.

I’m captivated looking into your eyes. Your

smile glows and touches my soul…


…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


You don’t need hair like Europeans, eyes lashes,

or nails done by Asians. You are proud to be

Nubian. You refuse shots and silicone to

enhance the flesh that on your bones. You are

comfortable with your curves and tantalizing

skin tone…


…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


You step and sway in such an elegant way, it

really brighten my day. Its amazing how your

beauty sparkle and gleam. You are a Queen and

any man would be proud to be your King…


…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


Yes, you are strong, independent and intelligent.

But some may say that you are bougie and

arrogant. In all actuality you are classy and



…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


Every word speaks the truth about you and this

is far beyond a compliment. Its me paying homage,

giving you the upmost respect. Not that you want it

but because you deserve it.