The Great Race


The Great Race
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017

The race begin in mid-winter.
There were 500 million participants,
by it guaranteed one winner.

Through all the anticipation,
the world remain patient.
For over nine months they waited,
but became overly curious of
to whom would be victorious.

Finally… near summer’s end,
the last leg of the race and the
leader is on his way in.

Cheers came from my family and friends.
My head was up high as  I crossed the finish line.
A joyful moment it was,
but all I did was cried and whined…


…An explanation of this brief illustration.
It was early November when my mom and
dad had relations.

There were 500 million sperm cells released
upon my father’s ejaculation…
they all had the same destination.

As guaranteed only one can begin
the process of fertilization.

In thus, I was born to win.
I won then and I shall win again.

A Message For Our Youth

Dear Reader,

I wanted to take this moment to say something to our young men and young women. If you are an adult who haven’t realized it or gave much thought to it, our youth is our future. Please take time to share this with the youth around you! Help me encourage and inspire them to be the very best they can be. Let’s aid them to be better today, than they were yesterday and greater tomorrow, than they are today. This is the least that we can do.

My message to our youth: I encourage you to give life a chance by trying you. Try you before you try drugs, gangs or violence. Give yourself a chance to live out your dreams.

Be seekers of the truth and do not take things on face value. Ask questions and be hungry for knowledge. Know your worth and do not sell yourself short. Live for what is real and know that your life is priceless so that you don’t die for anything less.

Strive off your strengths and strive to strengthen your weaknesses. Stay positive and know that your dreams can become reality through your determination and true dedication.

You are beautiful in every essence. You are greatness in every shade. Know yourself and that you have the ability to change the world and shape your destiny.

Believe in yourself and know that there is absolutely nothing that you can’t achieve. Nothing in this world is out of touch for you, if you just reach.

Try you! Believe in you! Be a leader! You are amazing! You are beautiful! So be proud of who you are and always stay true to you!

I believe in you!


Drako Sullivan

(Copyright 2017)

A moment to share and to show my appreciation.

When I was working on this haiku, I couldn’t help but think of a good friend of mine, Kaie. He was the one who spent time trying to teach me how to write fix form poetry, well, poetry period. I remember the first poem that I shared with him and his response was and I quote, “What is this, a riddle?” I couldn’t help but to laugh. He said in such a constructive way that it encouraged me to go back to the drawing board. The advice that he gave me was to try to work on my imagery. Paint a picture. Poetry express feelings and emotions. Now I try to invoke feeling and emotions in each poem that I write. I am still working on the craft of writing and it is out of the love that I have for words. Along with the respect that I have for the power of words. I hope that my efforts are correct with writing this haiku, if not, I am sure that I will hear from Kaie. So I would like to share with you, “A Robin’s Nest” and I hope that you are able to take time out to give me feedback on this poem. All that I know about writing is self-taught or it came from what good friends like Kaie Omodele and Jorge Landrian who took time out to teach me. If you feel that something is not right with it or if the syllable count is off please share. I am looking forward to your advice and constructive criticism. Thanks in advance.


A Robin’s Nest (Haiku)
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017


A Robin’s nest tight.

Fierce winds destroy twig by twig.

Robin’s nest broken.


Writing this poem, I was thinking about how single mother’s fight to keep their home together and do all they can to provide for their little ones. But, somehow this cruel world find some way to break that home. I can only imagine the pain and the stress that a single mother has to endure. I feel your struggle and I encourage all single mothers to keep up their hard work because it is your effort that make this world a better place and inspire men like me to do better and be better. I love you all! So keep doing what you are doing, especially you, Momma……I love you!



Ms. Natural

Ms. Natural
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017

Natural Woman
Photo credit: Kreative Minds Enterprises, Inc.


Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


From your kinky hair, full lips, wide hips and

thick thighs; I’m mesmerized. It is no surprise

that your scent has my senses paralyzed.

I’m captivated looking into your eyes. Your

smile glows and touches my soul…


…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


You don’t need hair like Europeans, eyes lashes,

or nails done by Asians. You are proud to be

Nubian. You refuse shots and silicone to

enhance the flesh that on your bones. You are

comfortable with your curves and tantalizing

skin tone…


…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


You step and sway in such an elegant way, it

really brighten my day. Its amazing how your

beauty sparkle and gleam. You are a Queen and

any man would be proud to be your King…


…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


Yes, you are strong, independent and intelligent.

But some may say that you are bougie and

arrogant. In all actuality you are classy and



…Ms. Natural…no additives…no preservatives


Every word speaks the truth about you and this

is far beyond a compliment. Its me paying homage,

giving you the upmost respect. Not that you want it

but because you deserve it.


By Ramsey Blair
Copyright 2017

I know life is hard at times. Evil is climbing inside us. Only to make us cry and moan. The trials and tribulations have us constantly craving for a way out. When things don’t go our way we pout and shout.

Every day is a struggle forgetting how we are; we wrestle, to train our minds and emotional state. Brains fried like some meat loaf on a plate. It seems it’s like a dinner date with ourselves, and bringing on the ideas in our head to sell…

Time is a minute that is ticking away. Flipping the inner us like real estate. Selling an image we don’t portrait. Odds coming in our way to establish strong trait. To win, we have to get over fright.

Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?…
By Derek Covington and Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017


Can you see me?…Of course you can.

No, not the clothes I wear, or where I stand.

An innocent bird beating its wing against the cage;

another lost soul, engulfed by rage.

Trying to walk in the path of the light; shining from the Son.

Caught up in a web; so diabolically spun.

Like a wild animal that fears the capture.

Again and again our balance inspired by His rapture.

Let the dead bury the dead, Ol Cool Breeze.

Come Ol-man, get off your square; stand in my 360-degrees.

The echoes of Willie Lynch whispering off cypress tree.

And they said it is a war on drugs; only upon the likes of me.

Can you see me?…Of course you can.

Yes, I am a victim of a clandestine plan.

A chained lion; his opaque eyes staring beyond its cage.

Confine only by hatred and rage.

Marching stride for stride, my journey just begun.

Fighting against a beast, refusing to be out done.

After years of suffering and constant struggling I endure.

Motivated only by a will that is innocent and pure.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, for those who believe.

I persevere to prevail and through salvation I succeed.

Haunted by images; my ancestors hanging from trees.

The world has to notice the act of genocide to rid the likes of me.




Publishers Note:

This was written by Derek and Drako while they were being unjustly housed in the SHU at F.C.I Edgefield. BTS commend them on their strength and ability to remain focused.  To all dealing with the plague of mass incarceration, inside or out, stay strong and keep your head up!

Free Nation Part III

Free Nation Part III
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017


Free Nation sentenced me to 262,

I can’t lie, I return to the county jail

discombobulated and confused.

An old man sat me down and said,

“Young Blood 18 plus is what you have to do.”

I didn’t want to believe or conceive doing that

much time in U.S. Penitentiaries.


After two decades, my baby-girl grew up and my

granny passed away. Can you imagine the pain I

felt? No, I don’t blame the system, I blame myself.

But how can we be a free nation when I get more

time for drugs than a white man charge with child



Free Nation?…You define.


Free Nation Part II

Free Nation Part I



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