Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?…
By Derek Covington and Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017


Can you see me?…Of course you can.

No, not the clothes I wear, or where I stand.

An innocent bird beating its wing against the cage;

another lost soul, engulfed by rage.

Trying to walk in the path of the light; shining from the Son.

Caught up in a web; so diabolically spun.

Like a wild animal that fears the capture.

Again and again our balance inspired by His rapture.

Let the dead bury the dead, Ol Cool Breeze.

Come Ol-man, get off your square; stand in my 360-degrees.

The echoes of Willie Lynch whispering off cypress tree.

And they said it is a war on drugs; only upon the likes of me.

Can you see me?…Of course you can.

Yes, I am a victim of a clandestine plan.

A chained lion; his opaque eyes staring beyond its cage.

Confine only by hatred and rage.

Marching stride for stride, my journey just begun.

Fighting against a beast, refusing to be out done.

After years of suffering and constant struggling I endure.

Motivated only by a will that is innocent and pure.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, for those who believe.

I persevere to prevail and through salvation I succeed.

Haunted by images; my ancestors hanging from trees.

The world has to notice the act of genocide to rid the likes of me.




Publishers Note:

This was written by Derek and Drako while they were being unjustly housed in the SHU at F.C.I Edgefield. BTS commend them on their strength and ability to remain focused.  To all dealing with the plague of mass incarceration, inside or out, stay strong and keep your head up!

Free Nation Part III

Free Nation Part III
By Drako Sullivan
Copyright 2017


Free Nation sentenced me to 262,

I can’t lie, I return to the county jail

discombobulated and confused.

An old man sat me down and said,

“Young Blood 18 plus is what you have to do.”

I didn’t want to believe or conceive doing that

much time in U.S. Penitentiaries.


After two decades, my baby-girl grew up and my

granny passed away. Can you imagine the pain I

felt? No, I don’t blame the system, I blame myself.

But how can we be a free nation when I get more

time for drugs than a white man charge with child



Free Nation?…You define.


Free Nation Part II

Free Nation Part I



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Mr. Tel-Lie-Vision


Mr. Tel-Lie-Vision
by Drako Sullivan
copyright 2017


I refuse to be glued to your fool’s tube.
I don’t need your entertainment to be amused.
So you can keep your sports, action-packed episodes, drama,
reality shows, and even your news.
I know your plot is to deceive and confuse.
You want me to believe what you want me to believe,
and see what you want me to see.
I witness false report of how this world is doom.

You see…

I refuse to be glued to your fool’s tube.
To see you advertise lies, masquerade the truth and
promote violence and lust through cartoons…
need I remind you; of Yosemite Sam and the rest
of your Looney Toons.
Some of your most advocate fans became Goons,
and I must confess that I was obsessed with Betty Boo.
As a child I thought I could not live without you.


I refuse to be glued to your fool’s tube.
Just to watch my people be made a mockery of and ridiculed.
And scramble my brain leaving my mental abused.
Keeping me distracted from collecting my just dues…
My forty acres and a mule.
I truly believe that you are the biggest spy tool,
helping BIG BROTHER secretly watch me while I watch you.
So they can calculate my every move.

That is why…

I refuse to be glued to your fool’s tube.
To have all my time consumed, to worsen my condition,
clouding my vision and stifling my living.
You will not be a part of my addictions MR. TEL-LIE-VISION,
because I refuse to be glued to your fool’s tube.

I’m Just Askin

I’m Just Askin’

by Drako Sullivan

copyright 2017


What will happen if you squeeze that trigger?

What will become of you if you continue to live as a nigger?

Whoa… whoa… whoa…

I’m just askin’.

Have you ever thought of the ramification of your actions?

What will occur if your dreams defer?

A lost cause; sent to prison for a long pause.

Or a prodigy left out in the cold…

only to decay and corrode.

Who knows?

But there is only chaos and destruction on this road.

Is this all you have to give?

Is this the future you want for your kids?

Is this the life you want to live?


I’m not judgin’

I’m just askin’.


by Drako Sullivan
copyright 2017



I am far beyond…at a place
where the heart glows.
Finally my soul can unwind.
Well pass the days, nights and sense of time.

At a place where happiness dwell,
and everyone is full of laughter.
Here, love is the only thing that
really matters.

At a place where there is no
suffering or pain.
There is no such thing of embarrassment
and shame.

So rejoice and let those be tears of joy
and this be a time to celebrate.
I have escape war and the disgrace of hate.

I am far, far beyond…at a place of eternal peace.

100% Black

copyright 2017

By: Andre Scales

I accommodate you all as I flourish and unleash thoughts that yet form.

My last was said to be from the past.

The secret of my serenity is within my soul.

I am at my peak when I’m deep in my sleep.

I’ll never deny my soul from a true believer’s hold.

Compassion from my youth keeps me near,

so I won’t have anything to fear.

As we reach the end of this century there’ll be many depressions and confessions.

There’s a rage that’s being planned.

A plague of hatred and a multitude of hierarchy.


copyright 2017

By: Andre Scales

They’ve used the past to keep controlling our future

turn to your sister or your brother

and realize it’s you that can even be me

With communication we can have our own nation.

It’s a circle of intrigue that’s trying to enslave our minds,

the future of our race is still not in it’s place.

Let’s consider what we’re trying to achieve

for thousands of years we’ve controlled our societies

can we succumb back to what we really are?

King of kings