I’m Just Askin

I’m Just Askin’

by Drako Sullivan

copyright 2017


What will happen if you squeeze that trigger?

What will become of you if you continue to live as a nigger?

Whoa… whoa… whoa…

I’m just askin’.

Have you ever thought of the ramification of your actions?

What will occur if your dreams defer?

A lost cause; sent to prison for a long pause.

Or a prodigy left out in the cold…

only to decay and corrode.

Who knows?

But there is only chaos and destruction on this road.

Is this all you have to give?

Is this the future you want for your kids?

Is this the life you want to live?


I’m not judgin’

I’m just askin’.

A Shattered Man


A Shattered Man
by Hashim R. Morris
copyright 2017


Even though our joy and happiness is elicited from

within. It seems to become more fulfilling when

inspired by a lover or friend!


Broken pieces of colored glass is what makes

up picturesque depiction seen in grand cathedrals during

Sunday Mass. Was it not the constant hammering on

a block of marble that resulted in the statue of David

that the world now marvel?


A diamond during its initial find is crud and rough and

must be cut and buffed before producing its brilliant



A block of clay must be beaten and molded into place to

create a valuable and treasured vase.


Grapes must be stomped upon and trampled under feet, then

stored in vast for years at a time before acquiring that resplendid

taste, befitting to be considered a connoisseurs wine!


No doubt in my present life

situation, I too can be looked

upon as a shattered man. But

like the Phoenix from its own

ashes, I too shall rise again!!


by Drako Sullivan
copyright 2017



I am far beyond…at a place
where the heart glows.
Finally my soul can unwind.
Well pass the days, nights and sense of time.

At a place where happiness dwell,
and everyone is full of laughter.
Here, love is the only thing that
really matters.

At a place where there is no
suffering or pain.
There is no such thing of embarrassment
and shame.

So rejoice and let those be tears of joy
and this be a time to celebrate.
I have escape war and the disgrace of hate.

I am far, far beyond…at a place of eternal peace.

A Reminiscent Heart

A Reminiscent Heart
A poem by:
Michael Harris a.k.a Truthfully Speaking
Copyright 2017

Faded love


Sitting here reminiscing
On your ever so sweet touch
And the way it used to bring so much peace
To my mental storms
Regretting to have ever spoken
Those words “I apologize”
But it might be best if we
Go our separate ways
Cause often I find myself wondering
If that was the right move
Cause my spirit gets so heavy
Knowing that you are no longer
Within arm’s reach
I’m tired of thinking
Of the future us
Trusting in God’s will as one you and I
Yet knowing, you at my side no longer lie
And what we once shared is a distant memory
To have you in my embrace once more
Is my heart’s desire
To show u for eternity
That you are the only one I adore
Is what I long for
But that reality is now just wishful thinking

The Case

The Case

By: Ramsey Blair

Copyright 2017

Crime Scene

The case of a crime…
for someone trying to shine…
remember holding you and smoking weed when I had a dime…
you change my life daily when I was trying to grind.
You gave me reason to sacrifice for what’s right,
because you lived a life of wealth and care.
When I lived a life full of pain and lies.
With the scent of weed on me I held you when you cried,
until you went to sleep.
Cousin, it’s been a minute since you been away from me…
at night I can’t sleep reliving the scene of what happened,
because you’re part of me.
I’m full of rage, because you’re away from me.
Tears on my cheeks; the pain hurts like Nicki leaving Meek.
Darkness and anger surround me…
When it happen it hunted me.
You will be missed by everyone who love you,
including me.



By Derek Covington

Copyright 2017


As my tongue trace the contours of your

devine creation

Ooh, as my delightful senses taste the juices

of your arcane sensation

There…..the chills race down my spine, as I

devour layers of your sculpted mounds

Deeper and deeper I delve into your succulent

creamy pounds

Oh lord, my heart beats faster and faster…..like

a distant drum

My, my, my, I cry out, see there – here I


Vanilla, chocolate, and so many other troves of

flavors to your pleasure

The coolness of your respite leaves me feeling

like a kid in search of a long lost pirate’s treasure

Dip after dip, the sway of your curves make

my mind want to scream

Is not your depths ripe to the core, or is that

why you’re called ice cream.

100% Black

copyright 2017

By: Andre Scales

I accommodate you all as I flourish and unleash thoughts that yet form.

My last was said to be from the past.

The secret of my serenity is within my soul.

I am at my peak when I’m deep in my sleep.

I’ll never deny my soul from a true believer’s hold.

Compassion from my youth keeps me near,

so I won’t have anything to fear.

As we reach the end of this century there’ll be many depressions and confessions.

There’s a rage that’s being planned.

A plague of hatred and a multitude of hierarchy.